Firefox 3 ads in Adsense units

I just spotted a “Firefox 3 is coming” ad in an Adsense ad unit.
Firefox 3 ads in Adsense unitLooks like they are trying to gain in users before their final release planned to be in June. You can download the Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 if you want a sneak peak of whats going to be in it in the final release.

BTW, Adsense thinks I am a girl(second ad above) – I guess you are mistaken Adsense!

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  1. for FF3, i will wait for the actual release. dont want too many bugs bugging my surfing

    u r a girl? ha..ha.. can they do gender targetting?

  2. Lol no I am not a girl Azwan!

    I don’t think Adsense has gender targeting feature but these types of ads do make the site visitors unhappy! ;-P

  3. Though the Firefox 3 engine seems better, most of my Add-ons don’t work..

  4. Uttiyo, most of your addons don’t work in Firefox 2 because it is still in beta stage and so the addon publisher have not yet migrated to Firefox 3 support as it would be very hectic for them to change the coding of their addons every time Mozilla changed FF’s source code when they find a bug in it during the Beta period.

    I suggest you should use Firefox 2 and wait for FF 3’s final release and then migrate to it as FF 3 still has a lot of bugs.

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